Companies operating in global markets are forced to constantly optimize the efficiency of their processes and the quality of their products.

The automotive industry has been operating for decades in a hypercompetitive global market. The permanent success, competition and cost pressure in this industry is forcing companies to optimize their products, processes and costs continuously. To that end, specific methods have been developed and refined continuously, in order to remain competitive.

The systematic usage of methods ensures global automotive manufacturers and suppliers a strong position in the market. Meanwhile, these methods are increasingly used in other industries, because the potential is increasingly recognized in order to decrease product and process costs long term and stay competitive.

Some of the most successful methods, which are used for decades in the automotive industry, are included in our portfolio. The systematic usage and implementation of such methods by QFE consultants increases the sustainable competitive advantage of our customers.

To get a list and description of the methods we are using, follow the link: methods.